Here are vawjr's recommended books for C++.

Read them in mostly the order listed.

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  • "Accelerated C++" Andrew Koenig and Barbara Moo - BUY [UK] [USA] [DE]
  • "The C++ Standard Library" Nicolai Josuttis (a "must have") - BUY [UK] [USA] [DE]
  • "Effective C++" Scott Meyers - BUY [UK] [USA] [DE]
  • "More Effective C++" Scott Meyers - BUY [UK] [USA] [DE]
  • "Effective STL" Scott Meyers - BUY [UK] [USA] [DE]
  • "Exceptional C++" Herb Sutter - BUY [UK] [USA] [DE]
  • ""More Exceptional C++"" Herb Sutter - BUY [UK] [USA] [DE]
  • "The C++ Programming Language" 3rd edition or later Bjarne Stroustrup - BUY [UK] [USA] [DE]
  • "Modern C++ Design" Andrei Alexandrescu - BUY [UK] [USA] [DE]
  • "C++ Templates: The Complete Guide" Vandevoorde and Josuttis - BUY [UK] [USA] [DE]
  • "Standard C++ IOStreams and Locales" Langer and Kreft - BUY [UK] [USA] [DE]