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Vic, Joan, & Liberty Wagner
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Jackson, Wyoming

Welcome to
vawjr and  janelle's
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Come on in and relax.  Have a cup of hot cocoa, or is it Earl Grey?

What?  You haven't seen our wedding album yet! 


Home Sweet Home

 Lovely Sunset at GTNP

Nestled in a stand of cottonwood at the foot of the spectacular Grand Tetons

(ok, so maybe it's more of a forest than a stand)
lies our home, and the Rudbek Associates inter-galactic headquarters.

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On her last trip to headquarters in December of 1995, my niece took this picture. Since then she has passed away.  She was a terrific budding graphic artist. We managed to recover a few pictures from her home page, although much of it was accidentally lost.

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Victor A. Wagner, Jr.

Wyoming Libertarian Party
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The five most dangerous words in the English language:
"There oughtta be a law"

A huge thanks to Jeffrey C Richman for the following
Some very important documents in U.S. history

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